Thursday, 5 June 2008

Ayala Bar

My husband has just given me this necklace....wonderful textile beads, I love it, so hippy :-)
But (and this may seem stupid) I worry about the beads......who made them, how many man/woman hours went into making each bead and did they get paid a fair wage?
I love it and will enjoy wearing it, but I will think about who made it


Aarti Sewak said...

Hi there! I just came across your blog! I think it's amazing, simply amazing! I really out time to read through. I believe that you must be a very kind person, especially to think about the person who made the necklace. By the way, it was really pretty! Anyways, I wish you luck in your art. I'm quite an artistic person myself but so far I haven't done anything that can be recognized.

Regards from Aarti (Fiji)....

my scattergun approach to art said...

thank you so much ! It is a strange world blogging, you never know if there is anyone out there....thank you for dropping bye :-)