Saturday, 28 June 2008

moleskine / old photo

moleskine / old photo
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old photographs have captured my imagination. I am fascinated by the way they crystalize more than the subject in the frame, they capture an era, an essence, maybe even the soul (as was once thought).
I know I could use photoshop, or some technical gadgetry for the capture of the texture, the proper colour of aged paper, even the surface shine but what I want to achieve is some way of retaining the spirit of the hand.
I am putting this woman through yet another filter, mine. She didnt look like my drawing, but then she never really looked like she did in the photograph either. Photos change the subject, they are put through many 'filters' ....the photographers eye, the processing and whoever chose the contrast, and in the end, time.
And now a photograph of a drawing of a photograph put onto a computer.....fascinating don't you think

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