Thursday, 28 January 2010

free inks and yupo

free inks and yupo
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I have been given some old pantone inks, I think they are meant to top up some type of felt pen, but they have been dicontinued. These are spirit based inks, very toxic smelling, but gorgeous colours. I have tried them on paper and they bleed through quite badly, but then I found some yupo paper that I had bought years ago and not got on well with. The inks look fabulous on it. I had great fun playing with the effects, but now what to do with the paper.....

Friday, 22 January 2010

so true

This amused me, and dismayed me, I have been guilty of being affected by all of these I / have I been shooting myself in the foot all my life! So new years resolution, try and make art for myself, not for the perceived audience / critic....just do it, and get it out there. After all I am getting on, I feel that time and fashion are not on my side, I really need to get going.....2010 could be a better year, couldn't it? :-)