Saturday, 28 June 2008

moleskine / old photo

moleskine / old photo
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old photographs have captured my imagination. I am fascinated by the way they crystalize more than the subject in the frame, they capture an era, an essence, maybe even the soul (as was once thought).
I know I could use photoshop, or some technical gadgetry for the capture of the texture, the proper colour of aged paper, even the surface shine but what I want to achieve is some way of retaining the spirit of the hand.
I am putting this woman through yet another filter, mine. She didnt look like my drawing, but then she never really looked like she did in the photograph either. Photos change the subject, they are put through many 'filters' ....the photographers eye, the processing and whoever chose the contrast, and in the end, time.
And now a photograph of a drawing of a photograph put onto a computer.....fascinating don't you think

Thursday, 26 June 2008


I have just spent a hot sunny and fattening time in France. The first 4 days in Paris ( wonderful ) and the second 4 days in the south of France ( hot and wonderful ). We went over for a wedding at a chateau, gloriously romantic and so great to meet old friends. We dint bring much back with us, no food or wine ( we ate it all ) but we did buy toys......

Monday, 9 June 2008

sunny weather, new bird houses

Out for a sunday drive we saw these for sale by the side of the road. The man who made them makes each one different and really goes to town on the details. We bought these three because they are the wackiest...and a real bargain I think at only £5 each. They make me smile when I walk past them, and I hope that some little bird will move in soon :-)

Friday, 6 June 2008


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my new moleskine has posed a few problems...I am not keen on the paper, it seems to hate moisture and de-laminates when I try any experiments on it. This sketchbook is the small size which limits my mark-making too. But I am having a good time with stencils and spray paint, not my usual method so I am wresting with the challenges it throws up. All this 'fun' does make me wonder when I will grow up and settle with something and make a go of it though.......but until I do I shall keep on playing.

Thursday, 5 June 2008

Ayala Bar

My husband has just given me this necklace....wonderful textile beads, I love it, so hippy :-)
But (and this may seem stupid) I worry about the beads......who made them, how many man/woman hours went into making each bead and did they get paid a fair wage?
I love it and will enjoy wearing it, but I will think about who made it