Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Prague trip....folk museum

We went to the Musaion in Kinsky Park, a wonderful little museum full of beautifully presented folk costume and folk art, it was all laid out in seasons, spring/birth/  marriage/summer harvest etc....and lots of wonderful toys and sculpture.
The winter section was my favourite, this display really made me gasp, it frightened and fascinated beautiful and so scary

"the first sunday in December opens the Advent, the time focused more upon the spiritual values of life, preparation for Christmas and the birth of Christ. This period of preparations is accompanied by figures with masks related to the way of thinking of pre-christian times. They appear in several groups of customs as witnesses of human conscience with punishments for committed crimes and rewards for promises into the future - Barbara, Lucia, Nicholas, and with them the devils, angels, various demons and animal masks. The time of Christmas continues to belong up to now to the peak periods of the year. The folk tradition has retained many values both in the spiritual and the creative spheres. Folk nativity scenes represent a connecting link between both these spheres"

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