Tuesday, 13 May 2008


When my first son was born I used a fabulous way of capturing his baby years....polaroid film. It was instant, and captured those magical moments of babyhood, then the pictures faded, his little features were bleached out and I lost my memories . However i felt about losing these precious memories I still see them in my minds eye when i look at the faded photographs, memories are polaroid coloured. When I heard that Polaroid are no longer making the film I panicked, i got out my old camera and bought some discontinued 'unsaleable' film. I have bought possibly the last of the old stock and find that every photo I take has got to be precious.........I can't make precious photos, I may lose them again, so I have been 'snapping', and find that each of the pictures taken have a glow of memory already imbued by the polaroid process.....I am so sad that the film will not be made anymore