Tuesday, 15 May 2007

womens work

womens work
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I am looking through my work and realising that I leave many ideas behind in my rush to develop yet another idea.
This piece was from a body of work dealing with ideas of my own futility in the art world.
I was late going to university and had never been taken seriously until I went there, my work was always something that my family treated as my 'hobby'.......
this piece was so long and tedious in the making and yet looks so simple. I am not particularly pleased with it, but I keep it by me to remind me of a time when people took me seriously for the first time.

process ( as I remember it...)

first find a piece of embroidered fabric...in this case a tablecloth embroidered as a child ( we used to do that sort of thing :-) )

next scan it on the computer.
print out a copy of scan, and then blow it up on the photocopier until you get rich contrast of the stitching in black and white

next ( and this is where memory gets fuzzy ) make a photo negative etching...

put through etching press

dry, snip and stitch..

this doesnt sound very much, but it took for ever


Feltbug said...

I really love this piece of work - interesting to hear its history too. All that process to produce something accidental in feeling.

my scattergun approach to art said...

Thank you, i may return to this idea again , there is so much more I could do with it..

I based a the previous body of work on a quote from Walter Benjamin.....
" To live is to leave traces....In the interior these are emphasised. An abundance of cover protectors, liners and cases is devised, on which the traces of everyday use are imprinted. The impression on the interior. The detective story that follows these traces comes into being....."

i like the idea of marks left behind, and the story they tell....