Tuesday, 24 April 2007

bird sketch book

bird sketch book
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I love books, I have had fun making books. I am not trained, I just followed some simple instructions I found in a book for childrens activities. The pleasure I have found in holding a book I have made is huge..... I love the feel of the pages, the weight, the creak, and the fact I can choose what is on the cover.
The bird book I have just finished was a collection of prints I made using the cheapest (99p for 70 sheets!!!) photo paper . It also makes terrible photos, glossy blurred etc, but very usuful for my transfer work..

I am a messy artist, and although I enjoyed doing this book I am aware that it is a bit messier than it should be. I get so impatient when I am enjoying myself and rush things, so lesson learned from this.....take my time and enjoy it more :-)


e. beck said...

i'm a rush to do it artist as well....my blowdrier is a most frequently used tool in my studio.....blow it dry....do it faster! ....ha......
your work is lovely.......i just found my way to your blog from your flickr site....you'd left me a comment! ......happy day to you.....e

my scattergun approach to art said...

Hahaha....my blow dryer is caked in paint and fingerprints!!! thanks for dropping in :-0

daviddrawsandpaints said...

I thought I'd drop by here to your blogsite because of the great work I've seen of yours on flikr, but also intrigued by the title - "scattergun approach" sort of covers my approach to artmaking as well!
Your postings are interesting and informative. Keep up the good work!
ps: I like these bookpage designs like this one with the crow.

my scattergun approach to art said...

thanks...I really must post more regularly