Thursday, 31 May 2007


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I have been experimenting with a childs toy ( or so it says on the packet ! )
I remember doing these as a very young child, using leaves and keys, any object that would block the light. It is very exciting seeing the shapes emerge and the magic that happens.
I wanted to see if I could just stretch it a little further than placing objects, or using it to develop negatives.
In this peice I have used a drawing of a crow flying, and a photcopy onto acetate of a fabric pattern, then I put real foliage over it all.....fascinating.
Now I have got to find more ways to use the paper, I do enjoy experimenting.

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bridgette said...

this is beautiful! I have some of that paper too somewhere in my studio...i should pull it out and experiment as well.

Glad to find your blog. Love seeing your work on flickr.