Monday, 1 March 2010

planning stage

planning stage
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I am enjoying the playing with bright colours so much, it really has been making me happy to pick up this little book and draw , but the story line/ narrative has gone a little awry, I am now forgetting all about it being a story told in a straight line in my book, I am going backwards and forwards with my images filling in the gaps. I have started making notes on how the story should go, but i am not really a story someone once said "if i could put in words why would I need to paint!"
I may put a little outline of the plot on here in a little while, but at the moment I am a little embarrassed to do it :-)

I have been asked about my process and materials..... first of all I go through my book drawing on the pages with felt pen , making my background patterns, I scribble over them a little with water-colour pencils as felt tip is a little harsh sometimes. Then I have made a lot of ink stained papers, random stains so that sometimes they can inspire what goes on the page and I cut out the oval shape I have found fits on the page nicely. The images themselves are really whatever pops into my head, I had started a fairy-tale theme to my images, but they have taken on a life of their own now and I have no idea what the tale is :-) I draw on the inky paper with ordinary felt tip pens, posca pens for the opaque colour and for the black I use a fine liner pen........ I hope all that is what was asked??

Oh, my 'gems' ( I am going a bit over the top with these but I am enjoying them so much :-) ) I use the off-cuts left from making the ovals and then use double sided tape to add them to the drawings :-))


Ea Ejersbo said...

Thank you for sharing your process - I'm always really interested in hearing how other artists work and which materials they use. I think I need to emulate your ability to play around and draw whatever you feel like just for fun - so far I've only been doing that with observational drawings, which is different but also very relaxing.

Lynne said...

I must admit I feel a little 'shallow' just playing to no end, but I am now looking at the book as a source book, looking at patterns and ideas that I can use in larger more considered pieces. I find doing observational drawing very engrossing, time just disappears......but these little sketches are really only that ,little, they take maybe 20 minutes or so ( the ovals anyway )....the thing I am enjoying now is how thick the book is getting, and how colourful :-)