Thursday, 30 April 2009

I am in a dark place at the moment, a lovely friend has died from cervical cancer, 2 years after her '3 months' death sentence, I thought / hoped she had beaten it..........then another lovely lady tells me she has breast cancer, she is strong, has many friends, and as she says "she is not dead yet!" so I feel so guilty including her in this wave of grief I am feeling, but I do.
I would love for a break in the gloom that is weighing me down, but the sensation of a storm brewing is getting stronger, and I can not shake it off


Siddartha Babbii said...

Oh Lynne I'm so sorry, hope you can go trough this soon, the pain is a thing we can just put in another side but try please, i don´t know you but i feel that you're a great and strong person, your love inside will keep you up and fine. I wondering if my english is well enough for this type of matters but i tried! See you smile please!

Lady Orlando said...

I'm so sorry to hear that, Lynne. The lost of people always feels like an emptyness growing inside of us everyday. I could say lots of things, but words sounds empty on dis matters. I can only wish your friend will be alright and you'll feel betetr soon.

A hug and a kiss.