Thursday, 15 January 2009

Medea moly 42

Medea moly 42
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Medea , wife of the greek hero Jason, a formidable sorcerer .....restored full youth and vigor to Jasons father Aeson using "magic herbs, seeds and flowers of acrid juice"

A Moleskine image for Yoda, whose theme is 'Witches',inspired by an Aubrey Beardsley book I got for Xmas. I remember as a young student that he was very popular. The college I was at had bought a large album of his works and we were all very eager to have a look at it, but the staff decided that it had images in it that were too lewd and erotic, so they censored it !! I was in the student union at the time, and we all went on strike.It had no effect as they had cut out and destroyed the offending images..........
I was hoping that the book i got for Xmas would have a few of those images in it, sadly it was even more tame than the book i saw in my youth..............

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